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Updated April 2018

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The following are comments from people who have experienced Holistic Pulsing in New Zealand recently:

L: “I feel totally present and grounded, and very ‘still’. What I like about pulsing is that once the Ripples are in you, they are there forever.”

V: ” Holistic Pulsing is a mixture of totally energised and totally relaxed, all at the same time!”

S: ” Tumbled, tumbled through the waves, yet still on top of the water…”

Following are quotes from the testimonials given by New Zealanders in Tovi Browning’s book “Gentle Miracles”:

“I love the gentleness of Holistic Pulsing. Even in my first 10 minute encounter with it, so much was happening already.”

“In my state of shock I felt really defensive about anyone touching me, but at the same time I really wanted to be nurtured. I felt instantly comfortable with the non-threatening gentleness of the Pulsing, which seemed to dissipate the shock. There was so much memory of the accident in my body – afterwards I felt like I’d let go of 95% of the shock in one session. The other 5% went the next day.”

“I enjoy Holistic Pulsing because firstly it seems to me to be a truthful approach with nothing artificial added to create strain – I appreciate the honesty of it. Secondly, I like the opportunity if offers the giver, to become more aware of oneself!”

“I had suffered from backache for months and after my work as a cleaner I used to walk home bent over with pain and collapse on the bed. After only 2 HP sessions (which were short ones, due to circumstances), I had no more pain. I actually walk home straight now.”

“The breath is our constant connection with life on this earth, it begins with our entrance into this world, and stays with us until we exit.
Since life equals movement, the breath ensures that we are in constant motion – expanding and contracting, filling and emptying.
It is a remarkable and constant pulsing rhythm, a continuum of waves which rise and fall, peak and valley throughout every cell in our body”
Tovi Browning, Gentle Miracles.
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