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Connie Kristensen Auckland

Connie Kristensen

12/457 Swanson Road, Ranui, Waitakere City

Phone: 09 950 4477 or 027 475 7565


Connie is a Certificated Practitioner

“My name is Connie.  I am originally from Denmark where I obtained a B.A. in Social Science.  I came to New Zealand in 1987.   I speak Danish, German, Swedish, Norwegian and English.  I interact easily with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and also have extensive experience and understanding for people with disabilities.

I myself benefitted tremendously from receiving Holistic Pulsing in times of crisis and transition  where I had to recreate my life from scratch.  It brought me back to myself and my own strength which I had not been in contact with for some years.   When the pulsing practitioner and your mind work together and provide undivided attention to your body, the possibility of significant insights about your being is created.  You get the chance to feel your body from the inside – to take a journey which can provide you with information about yourself on a spiritual, emotional as well as a physical level.

I got my diploma in Holistic Pulsing in 1994 and have 16 years experience as a practitioner.   I am also a member of New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners Inc.  I have run a number of workshops and assisted teaching Holistic Pulsing in Auckland at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies. “

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