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Mind-Body Post-grad Training


The AUT University Certificate, Diploma and Masters programme in MindBody Healthcare is a programme for clinicians throughout New Zealand.  It is multidisciplinary, part-time, and organised so that active health workers and clinicians can fit it in with their professional lives.  It is based on a two year course involving 4 block courses per year, each 2.5 days (Friday to mid- Sunday).  These are in Auckland, and the rest of the work is done by assignment.  The course is multidisciplinary and  is suitable for doctors, counsellors, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, nurses, dieticians, psychologists, body therapists, public health workers, complementary health practitioners etc.
It appeals to people
a) wanting to advance their theoretical and practical holistic and integrative skills
b) frustrated with current models of healthcare and who have an interest in rigorous integrative approaches
c) already on a journey into holistic practice and want to consolidate this and take
it to a University level
d) who have ‘body’ oriented healthcare backgrounds and want to integrate mind aspects
e) who have ‘mind’ oriented healthcare backgrounds and want to integrate mind aspects
f) who want to develop as mindbody practitioners, and maybe advance to research in the area

The course is led by
Professor Brian Broom
bandabroom@xtra.co.nz 095781947
and Josie Goulding
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