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Updated April 2018

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The New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners Inc.

HP Guild members Connie Kristensen and Rochelle Carr at the NZCHP public expo, Auckland, below: Natalie Willmer offers hands-on HP.

HP Guild members Connie Kristensen and Rochelle Carr at the NZCHP public expo, Auckland, below: Natalie Willmer offers hands-on HP.

The NZ HP Guild was a founding member of The New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners Inc. and has continued to be a member since 1994. Guild members took part in the public expo last September, in Auckland.

What is it?
The NZ Charter of Health Practitioners Incorporated was established in 1994 and is the largest multi-modality nationwide organisation representing professional Natural Healthcare Practitioners.

It was established for several reasons:

* To be a voice to represent Natural Healthcare Practitioners ideas, values and rights to government.

* To be committed to Quality Assurance and Public Safety in healthcare delivery by maintaining the highest qualification and ethical standards obtainable.

Mission Statement:
The aims and objectives of the NZ Charter of Health Practitioners Inc are to “Promote an optimal healthcare model for the benefit of all New Zealanders, embracing continuing education and research by qualified, registered, natural HealthCare Practitioners, providing safe effective preventative and restorative therapies for achieving and maintaining health and wellness.”

Maintaining High Standards:

As a professional organisation the Charter is governed by a Constitution maintaining a demanding Code of Ethics and Code of Practice with a strong emphasis on continued education for its members.

Representing the Profession at Government and international level, with Charter representatives involved in all levels of government whenever new regulations affecting the profession are being developed, regularly presenting submissions to the Select Health Committee and international representation at the Codex Alimentarius Commission meetings.

Public and media exposure:
Support and assistance The Charter administration office is operated by full-time staff providing professional services and assistance.

The Charter provides a comprehensive professional public liability and indemnity insurance protection program as a benefit of membership.  Website for promotion with information about the Charter and its activities as well as a listing of all affiliate members and all Charter Practitioners.  www.healthcharter.org.nz For a list of further benefits for members please check out the website.

This information has been sourced from  the Guide to Natural Healthcare, directory of Practitioners, Products and services 2009-2010 that has recently been published by the Charter. Holistic Pulsing is represented in the guide as are two of our Guild members, who are also Charter members. This acts as a good reference and advertising opportunity.

How to join?
It could be that more of you would like to also become a member of the Charter.

As we are an affiliate member any Full NZHP Guild member with a current Annual Practicing Certificate can apply to become a member of the Charter. To become a member contact the secretary of the Guild for a membership form. Also look at the Charter website for more information:

Membership fees are : Full Professional and Associate member $450per annum, Student member $150per annum. There is also a joining fee of $50.

(Please keep in mind that the Guild now offers insurance at a discount rate. For more information email info@holisticpulsing.org.nz)

Ezine Newsletter
The Charter welcomes participation by all affiliate members who want to stay informed with current Natural Healthcare issues. HP Guild members who would like to receive this monthly e-newsletter can send their name and email address to:

Jenni Gay, Office Manager, NZ Charter of Health Practitioners  Ph: 09 4145501   email@healthcharter.org.nz


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