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Updated April 2018

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Annual Practising Certificate

Minnie mouse - APC hostessMinnie Mouse, our sponsor says, “Yes, it is that time again! Your application is due by the 31st January (late applications accepted until 28th February – $20.00 late fee), each year (if you are outside of this timeframe do contact us as later applications are accepted at the Guilds discretion). Certificates are issued in May, valid May-May of that financial year. Want to know what is involved?” Get an application pack….  at info@holisticpulsing.org.nz


Holistic Pulsing relaxation and integrated practitioners are required by the Guild to have an annual practising certificate (APC) from 2010 (AGM ratified). This is the case even if you give your services free, work with students or peers, or have very few clients. The NZ Charter of Health Practitioners also requires an APC for continuing membership of the Charter. This is standard practice for any profession, and is one way that professional associations can ensure the members they endorse are involved in their own ongoing self-care, keep up to date with their skills, and work within the ethics and standards of the organisation.

As well as some measure of quality assurance and protection for clients, being a registered member of the Guild (having a current APC) gives you support in cases of complaint or malpractice through the Guild, the Privacy Commissioner, or the Health & Disability Act. If you are practising without being a registered member of the Guild, you are still liable for these complaints, but you have no accountability or support.

Apart from accountability and safety issues, the Guild considers the whole process valuable and empowering in terms of ongoing professional development and peer support. If we get away from the “assessment” mentality, and see ourselves as growing, changing , developing human beings, then applying for an APC is an exciting opportunity in that development, rather than a bureaucratic requirement!

So take a moment to reflect on where you are as a practitioner, what professional support do you have, where is your accountability to yourself, your profession, and your clients? Applying for registration is your choice, and there are consequences for either choice you make.

If you choose to apply, but find it difficult or don’t know where to begin, then ask yourself what’s stopping you, what would be the first step you could take? In the APC application pack, you will find information to help you step by step with the process, and you can email the Guild info@holisticpulsing.org.nzz for further assistance.

** As this is a relatively new development for all relaxation and integrated Guild members from 2010 (AGM ratified), we aim to offer a range of support for the process until it becomes an established part of our professional ‘culture’. One of these is a dedicated North Island retreat each year, to complete requirements.

If you are a registered practitioner or teacher, you can advertise on the web-site, use the Guild logo, and be promoted through inquiries via the Guild. If you are not registered, we cannot provide any assurances to prospective clients, or to any possible complainants, that you are involved with your own professional development, safety and self-care.

It’s your choice, and may the decision be an empowering one! _

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