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Updated April 2018

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Chronic Fatigue – New Findings

Hi Ripply all

a client who I have been seeing for some time presents with
debilitating Chronic Fatigue. This is quite a challenging
set of symptoms to work with in a holistic way, and in
particular Holistic Pulsing, as we are stimulating the cells
in a way that could be both liberating, but also
over-stimulating… (the latter has been my experience)

She has been researching her own wellness, and offers this
groundbreaking research, which I thought would interest
others in our rippling pool:

Here is the article I was talking about:

The Core Problem in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Identified?
Naviaux’s Metabolomics Study Breaks Fresh Ground – Health

http://www.healthrising.org/blog/2016/09/01/metabolomics-na viaux-chronic-fatigue-syndrome-core-problem/

And here is the article about the smaller study that
replicates the results:

Hanson’s Metabolomics ME/CFS Study Validates Naviaux’s Core
Finding | Health Rising’s Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)
and Fibromyalgia Forums

http://www.healthrising.org/forums/threads/hansons-metabolo mics-me-cfs-study-validates-naviauxs-core-finding.4846/

My understanding is that the people who did the first study
are getting funding together to do a bigger scale study.

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