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HP National Gathering 2016

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The Programme:  2016 Programme

Our Fabulous Workshops:

“Pulsing in the Stillness” with Barbara Gibb
This hands-on workshop offers an insight into the power of stillness, those times in any session, when we cease delivering physical movement. Yet nothing stops. As pulsers, we can develop the art of ‘dynamic stillness’, offering our pulsees more presence, wider access to those quiet breathing spaces within. We will also touch on practitioner resources to use with clients for embodiment, grounding and centering. Barbara Gibb works with clients in sensitive Mind-Bodywork scenarios, and brings practical resources to this workshop.

“Explorations in Sound” with Sam Crawford
Sound being one of the five main senses of the human body, forms an integral part of communication. What we hear and how it is heard can influence our response. How we tailor and present that response expresses our individuality and uniqueness. As pulsers we can augment the two-way process with sound. Come and explore your innate skills that may be hidden, or refine your present tool-kit in the Art of Sound, offering an additional dimension in working with pulsees.  Sam Crawford has been involved in running Workshops on sound for many years and brings her vast body of knowledge and experience to this workshop of exploration into your sound.

The AGM Agenda and Minutes for 2015:
AGM 2015 Minutes
Agenda for 2016 AGM

Special Items for Discussion:

Ethics Statement 2016
Current Standards of Practice and Ethics Statement

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