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Updated April 2018

This website is administered by The New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc.
The site aims to support and network members and facilitate the wider Mind-Body arena. With integrity we aim to uphold the ethics, standards and policy of the New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc.


Mentoring support for Holistic Pulsing Guild members

There is a culture of support within the Holistic Pulsing Guild which helps members to feel included and within a “family” environment rather than isolated therapists. There are many informal conversations amongst members that answer questions, and provide an opportunity to share experiences. There is much encouragement for practicing HP and for joining in with Guild activities eg retreats, workshops.
Sometimes we as practitioners want a more formal discussion/mentoring to support us through eg. a decision. This might be related to next steps in your learning, gaining experience and/or confidence, speaking to someone with more experience, having someone overview and see the big picture, listening to you and offering support…
Have a read of the mentoring document to gain a clear idea of what mentoring can offer. Thanks go to Peta Joyce for providing us with this information.
Keep in mind that Supervision is the most appropriate place to discuss any situation that has been uncomfortable or has raised awareness of an issue that needs teasing out, rather than mentoring.
As part of the benefits of membership within the Guild we have provided a list of members that have agreed to mentor other members. If you require mentoring as part of your training and to do with your training, then please contact the mentors contracted to that training organisation.
Holistic Pulsing Guild mentors:
Barbara Gibb


Ph 04 389 7706 or 0274906428
Natalie Grace

natalie Willmer

Ph: 021 224 7121
Corinne Murray

testing pic

Ph 03 389 9931 or 02102280908
Peta Joyce

Peta Joyce

Ph: 09 817 7035
Myffie James

Myffie James

Ph 03 547 2295 or 0211548986
Bobbie-Joe Wilson

Bobbie-Joe Wilson sm

Ph: 04 389 5352

If you contract for a formal session there may be a fee charged for time. Please check in with the mentor that you contact.


To download Mentoring PDF document, click here .

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