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Updated April 2018

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Timetable for Professional Development Weekend 2015

Holistic Pulsing Guild (NZ) Inc Professional Development & Annual Gathering including (AGM Business Part) lots of pulsing!


FRIDAY May 22 10am – arrive, take in the vista, find your best bed for a restful nights sleep after the action packed dayz of pulse involvement that are coming; start pulsing after grounding yourself in this pristine environment!

1pm – lunch (very important) overlooking the magnificent Tahunanui Inlet and Nelson Harbour entrance.

Post lunch – Possible APC swaps, general swaps and of course dinner prep, intelligent dialogue with your fellow pulsers with possible teacher discussion on the future teaching opportunities for the modality.



9.30 – 11.30 – Possible shopping at Nelson’s legendary market, &/Or pulsing anywhere you can in everyway you move anyway you like &. Pulse, pulse, pulse…

11.30 – 12 noon – HP Guild Holistic Pulsing APC review/discussion

12 -1pm – lunch with sensational views & stimulating conversations.

1.30 – 3.30 – WORKSHOP 1 : Demystifying the APC Process ~ Demonstration Pulse and Modeling a possible APC procedure.

4pm – 6pm – Short AGM with a difference, ESSENTIAL discussions with a view attached.

6.30pm – shared dinner.

Further Pulsing for those still lacking or those looking for a bliss-filled nights sleep.



9 -12 – WORKSHOP 2: Energy First Aid with Barbara Gibb.

12-12.30 – Very short run through of the Reachmail format for those that want a hand in helping produce Ripples.

12.30 – Lunch, feasting on the left-overs and dividing up what is being taken home!

Post lunch – pulsing, cleaning, pulsing, weeping pulsing, and au revoir’s, really down to the rippling end of another fantastic gathering.

Post retreat – Reflecting & vowing to return next year, and booking for the fabled South Island Retreat in August, three months from now. Sigh…

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