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Updated April 2017

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Sam Crawford – Wanganui

Sam Crawford

Sam Crawford

Wanganui & middle Nth

Phone: (06) 342 3819



I have been a  practitioner and teacher of Holistic Pulsing within the Guild for over 20 years, from its very beginnings.  I offer Holistic Pulsing as a  trusted core modality in my work as a counselor, therapist, body centered psychotherapist and facilitator.

For over 30 years I have been facilitating personal, family, group and community journeys of physical and metaphysical awareness, healing and ritual.

My field of specialty is Trauma Processing and resolution and I am accredited in a number of modalities that support this work, alongside Holistic Pulsing.

I have  a degree in social work and Psychology, completed with a special focus on the larger holistic perspectives of health and healing, and I draw on  many years experience in the health and mental health fields prior to entering into private practice over 20 years ago.

My partner and I live rurally , organically ,  mindfully, sustainably , playfully and joyfully.

From our home we run  group workshops and  personal retreats, including detox healing retreats.

See wellbeings.yolasite.com for other modalities and services offered, but for a sneak peak they include sound Healing and Aquatic therapy, colonic hydrotherapy, more deeply nurturing and profoundly transformative therapies,

In addition, as an organizational consultant and trainer, I am  an accredited clinical supervisor of therapists, body workers and health professionals.

Whether you are simply seeking  deeply deserved nurturing and relaxation or needing to process issues and /or traumas holding you back from your fullest expression of life, please feel free to contact and discuss how HP and myself can support you .

WINZ funding is available where appropriate.

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