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Professional Development Weekend 26 -28th May 2017

It’s the month of May!

Upcoming at the beautiful Wheelhouse Inn, Nelson, our bodies, minds, and souls will gather to join in a weekend of joy, peace, sharing, learning and connections. How wonderful if YOU too can grace the weekend with your presence!

This AGP (Annual Gathering of Pulsers) includes a whole weekend of great company, nourishing food and sharing in our love of Holistic Pulsing. In 2017, we have one special workshop on Saturday afternoon – ‘All You Ever Wanted To Know About Pulsing!’ facilitated by Peta Joyce.  There will be much sharing and learning in this open forum workshop about sticky, tricky situations that may arise in any pulsing session.

During the course of the weekend we will attend to business matters with a concise and interactive Holistic Pulsing Guild AGM. This year includes an important discussion about proposed changes to member registration which would really benefit from your input. It is but a mere moment in the delishousness of much lengthy and blissful pulsing so imbedded in the culture of this weekend.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you wish to stay at the stunning Wheelhouse Inn, so that we can ensure we have booked enough space for you, by contacting us at info@holisticpulsing.org.nz Also please let us know if you intend to be there for any part of the programme, so that we can calculate the shared costs and let you know beforehand.

(this will ensure that we can confirm the appropriate need of accommodation to suit our numbers of attendees, therefore with an increased likelihood of reducing our shared costs)

For more information, please refer to the Professional Development Weekend Programme.

The way of a Pilgrim/Wanderer…

Having been asked to contribute a travelogue about my last year’s pilgrimage I wondered how I might write it from a pulser’s mind/body point of view rather than as some feature travel article.

So……. I reflect…….the way of the pilgrim/wanderer in principle, is not so different from the principles we honour and consider in HP; ‘bearing’ this in mind, here are some of my self guiding aka HP principles….being attentive and mindful, exploring, accepting, being patient, having no expectations, enjoying, connecting with self and the other/s, trust, simplicity, adjusting, forgiveness, creating or being in a supportive environment, etc. etc. All of the above were guidelines for my pilgrimage over 6 months, stashed away somewhere in the frontpack of my mind, principles absorbed in my years of being amongst fellow pulser’s, the very best things to carry in my pilgrims pack of necessities.

The closest experience I had to being pulsed over these 6 months, was while swimming or just floating in the deep blue, high in salinity; the Mediterranean Sea, by the Costa Brava, NE Spain. Bright blue sky and warm sun, an ultimate pulsing experience! Perhaps it might be a good venue for an HP retreat!  Let me know I will be happy to be a guide. Other swimmingly pulsing experiences were by the Atlantic coast, southern (Andalusia) Spain. That experience was one of ‘rolling’ with the waves which could easily dump the unaware swimmer face down into the seabed. The principles that come to mind from these experiences are fairly obvious; enjoyment, (touching on bliss) creating or being in a supportive environment, accepting, adjusting, just to name a few. After months of walking through the wilds of England and certainly through some wild and remote western and northern areas of Scotland, the calling of the Mediterranean warm waters and the pulsing waves of the Atlantic was a case of sheer indulgence and self support.

A quite different pulsating experience was while staying at a hostel near the famous Kew Gardens in London. My hostel bed was so close to the trains on the Piccadilly line I swear I could’ve stepped on to a train from the window of my room. Not the most obvious pulsing experience, but certainly an experience of note. Fortunately Kew gardens was a verdant, vibrant soothing pulsing antidote.

What helps to make a good therapist or Pulser (I believe) is the ability to be attentive, to keep the mind open and clear at all times so the person on the table has one’s full attention. Put that into a 6 month pilgrimage, it is quite a demand to be attentive 24/7 for 6 months. Ok I don’t think I managed all the time to be attentive and present. While I was in the Scottish Highlands and western Islands and either putting up my tent or dismantling it, quite often I was being simultaneously attacked by these beastly little critters. (midges) (I’d much rather suffer the ravages of sandflies who usually are more ethical in their approach. They don’t gather and attack (feeding voraciously)  around eyes and ears and nose in their thousands) One might get an inkling why whisky has become the national ‘drink’, (a national icon) of Scotland and why the people of the infamous clearances were probably happier to be somewhere else, unless that somewhere else was the Canadian tundra. As you might guess the whisky is not for putting on the skin like a ‘bug off’. It is more for warming the body until there is no feeling left. Usually when I took whisky it was most often in the sanctity of someone’s house, but ‘next time’ like all true pilgrims I’ll carry my own flask and have daily rations. If it is the result of a flow on effect the midges should by rights, forget their mission if they get too much whisky in the blood. I have a feeling after all these years it hasn’t worked that way!

The midges definitely tested my levels of patience. It is easy to say I will be patient but if one happens to be within the storm cloud of  (unknowable things) hundreds of midges, who seem to have no lack of scruples or reinforcements, patience and mindfulness just go out of the ‘proverbial door’.

One of the many wondrous aspects of my Pilgrimage was in Spain where I spent two very summery, going into autumn, months and not at the peak summer time, I might add. If you think that enjoying oneself with temperatures of around 45degrees is great, that’s good, but it wasn’t for me. Even the Spanish people I talked with in Catalonia and Andalusia complained of extreme summer heat. So with great degrees of mindfulness I chose to be in Spain after the main tourist season and after the main hot part of summer. My pilgrimage wasn’t the acclaimed Camino de Santiago, I was exploring the history of Spain through some of their best known cities, (Barcelona, Sevilla, Cordoba and Granada) also some walking in the Pyrenees, along a route known as the Camino de Cathars and of course I was indulging in the waters.

Finding my way around Spain and the UK required my full attention nearly all the time. In England I used ordinance survey maps to find my routes through the countryside. In the UK there is such a network or web of pathways, bridlepaths, walkways and routes there is no problem about getting somewhere. A pilgrim’s way can just be through walking the land and finding one’s way. There’s few fences to speak of, just hedgerows, villages, towns, roads of course, cities and roads (with far too many cars) My pilgrims way was to follow or attempt to follow certain routes; the Ridgeway, the south Cornwall coastal pathway, routes through and around the Lake district and along side Hadrian’s wall. In Spain with less detailed maps I followed green/yellow striped markers and pathways that were numbered, particularly R 109, The Camino de Cathars and myriads of narrow streets and lanes, the habitat of people for a thousand years.  All of this sounds remarkably straight forward. In truth it required paying a lot of attention to details on maps, and applying that knowledge to the physical dimensions of the land. Occasionally I might ‘lose’ my ‘way’ and would have to ‘back track’, or ask someone. (if someone happened to be close by) Incidentally, one of my guides was an excellent book by Rebecca Solnit, A Field Guide to Getting Lost.  She didn’t mention this but one of the great things about getting lost, is in having to ‘ask of’ someone. That is to ask for support. (again, this only works if there is someone around to ask) (rather than, ‘here I am alone in the world and I am not finding my way’ I will shout to the Universe for help, and yes I know that works sometimes but it is really good having a real person to ask) Asking for help from someone, calls them into service, language is not a hindrance, people generally love to help the ‘lost and needy’ pilgrim. Also when feeling lost I found it was useful (taking a ‘leaf’ out of Mr Curly’s (aka Leunig) philosophies) to just sit down, resting my mind and body, taking moments of silence and quietness and enjoying wherever in the world I happened to be. I could normally guarantee it was usually a place of a special quality.

In cities and towns it was a great skill for me to  find my way through public transport, to learn how to use swipe cards, to pay attention to the environment, streets and landmarks, especially if I needed to return or repeat the same route. My one great friend and guiding light was ‘here maps’ on my mobile ph. I felt I was using it like a radar device to hone in on where I needed to go. I would just tap the screen and follow. ‘Here maps’ are a great tool of modern technology. Real paper maps are good too and the older part of me likes them, but they get creased and torn and too many of them are bulky to one who tries to travel lightly.

All in all there was a need to remain clear and attentive. It must have worked to a degree because I found my way home to Aotearoa/NZ and Mohua/Golden Bay.

Trust was a key word in my thought patterns. To undertake a 6 month pilgrim type journey which was only basically planned, leaving room for unfolding of the unknown (in much the same way one might explore the unknown in a pulsing session) required much trust. I have learned that the most important needs were in having access to shelter and food and having the right clothing. As someone mentioned up in the western Hebrides of Scotland, “it is not the weather that matters, what matters is having the right clothing for the weather”. I left NZ with less than 7kg in luggage and bought and discarded as the climate dictated. Having self trust and being independent is as important as is having good support or being in a supportive environment. My cell ph was a good linking point with a friend/s either in the UK or in Spain, so that someone knew roughly where I was. There was trust in having my home with me, my little blue tent that I could set up in minutes (especially if midges abounded) and crawl into. My own space, a little cocoon! It is amazing how simple yet perfect that is. We all, I believe, have experienced the cocoon state, after some delicious pulsing, feeling nurtured and safe.

A pulsing session can bring forth many moments of insight for pulser and pulsee, likewise so can a journey of 6 months. There will always be more. For the moment I respect the space of Ripples and save some stories for another time.

from the mind book of The pilgrim pulser TPP ( a twist on a currently controversial acronym)

The Grot and waterfall Rydal Hall historic Gardens, Lake District, Cumbria, England

Evolve Festival Nelson

We had a lovely two days at the end of January pulsing beautiful bodies as they made their way through the Evolve Festival in Nelson. Here’s a recount from a few of the practitioners who attended….

From Myffie: what a pleasure to walk in  with all already organised (thank you thank you) and be able to input as I could with such a warm welcome yet no expectations.  Those I had for myself! I really enjoyed being with some of my Pulsing family again, to laugh and share, and to give many pulsings that Saturday. Time still to absorb the atmosphere and wander a little. The music swirled around us and the sun helped the summer festival feel. Always an enjoyable weekend. Big smile hugs to Rona, Crysal. Megan and John.

From John: After what seemed like years away in the wider world, in reality only six months; it’s amazing what ‘time travel’ does.

It was great to reconnect with my local group of committed pulsers, doing what we love to do. There is some stamina needed to manage two whole days of pulsing as well as doing the setting up and pulling down of our temporary healing space. However the stamina is well supported by good food, live music, the connecting with the ‘family’ of those who regularly come to Evolve; and for those who ‘fell under the spell’ of the pulsing hands/hearts with their obvious ‘mellowed out response’; and of course the love vibration. Tired at the end but ‘uplifted’  beyond words. It was amazing to see Megan’s well orchestrated whanau ‘at work’ dismantling the gazebos at the end. Like a breath of fresh flowing air. Another kind of pulse!


From Crysal: What a great weekend, and what a pleasure to be a part of the whole experience this time, from pack-up to pack-down and everything in between – quite a different experience to just being there for a couple of hours. So wonderful to be in the same space as the beautiful energies (Rona, Megan, Myffie and John) who came and shared their pulse with the many different energies flowing in and out throughout the weekend. It was great to see so many different people enjoying the pulsing experience, coming within and connecting with themselves and their body. What a heart warming experience. I’m looking forward to next year.

National Gathering and AGM May 2016



Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd May

It’s not too far away now: that wonderful weekend of pulsing, laughing, singing and eating that will nourish you for another year. We return to the Wheelhouse in Nelson – www.wheelhouse.co.nz – as it has proven such a generous venue in the past years. It’s so spacious and light-filled with an unbeatable view.

There will be plenty of time for pulsing along with two fabulous workshops, a speedy AGM and a sneaky trip to Nelson market. People will start gathering on Friday and we are on till mid afternoon Sunday.

Both workshops will be very interactive. We have a voice/song/toning workshop with Sam Crawford that will be lots of fun and a real delight. We also have a hands-on workshop with Barbara Gibb looking at the art of ’dynamic stillness’. Barbara will offer us an insight into the power of stillness, those times in any session, when we cease delivering physical movement. Yet nothing stops.

If you are planning to stay overnight at the Wheelhouse please let Robert Gibb know as soon as possible on info@holisticpulsing.org.nz. We will soon send out another Ripplette with the weekend programme, updates on the workshops, AGM agenda, minutes and other agenda for nighttime reading prior to the weekend. You know you want to!

Skinny dipping ~ Swimming at Re-Treat 2014


I have previously swum Lake Rotoiti North end (Kerr Bay) on a Holistic Pulsing Retreat. Fully kitted with togs, cap and goggles to gauge water temperature accurately

(well that’s my excuse). Temperature on that day was 6 degrees centigrade. You’d be amazed the difference a simple device such as the cap can make, goggles and togs too.

Lets not go there!


I normally swim in public spaces with togs, cap & goggles, to avoid getting arrested for indecent exposure. Which on this occasion according to KJ Phoenix was quite probable! If the police had time to waste.


Luckily there appeared not a lot of other people around, especially policemen/women.

My previous skinny dip exploits had been in the 40 degrees centigrade water at Kerosene Creek just off the road half-way between Rotorua and Taupo. There, everyone was skinny dipping.

Today’s event was going to be an extreme at the other end of the temperature scale. Fortunately I did not have my thermometer with me. Neither my cap, goggles or togs.


Corinne and Dave had walked on, Dave “Ahead” with Corinne “Being Taken Care Of”.

So there was just the four of us KJ Phoenix, Peta & Don with myself. We were about 30-45 minutes out from the hut on the lakehead hut track when we came across a secluded bay sheltered from the prevailing northerly breeze. It was like a mirror, green over white rocks close to the shore and it dropped away to a deep blue. Not an Eel in sight, it was sublime!


I couldn’t resist, Right I’m in…

The water temperature was as I remembered it. Bracing is the word. The skin tingles for half an hour afterwards. The whole is immersed in an aquatic bliss just what you need on a wholistic pulsing weekend to really connect in with the environment.


Later on in our afternoon walk we came across several groups that were proceeding by foot to the lakehead hut at the southern end of Lake Rotoiti. So I could have been slightly caught out by not having my togs in my pack. Always prudent to carry a pair. So that you can swim in dignity, within the Law.


There have also been other occasions where a fellow HP peer has completed Rotoiti likewise in the skin…

Previous Re-Treat. You had to be there…

Yes, sadly we remembered those that could not be there for this 2014 event.

Hopefully this article will remind those people of the experiences missed.

Article: Robert Gibb; Images Peta Joyce.




AGM Reminiscing

sunset Myffie & Michelle Robb & Tracey Barb2 AGM-2015-150x147[1]

AGM weekend has past and now seems so long ago, boy time flies when you’re having fun, watching movies while wrapped up to stay warm.


The weekend comprised of discussions about the future of teaching H.P, how to encourage numbers to our workshops and how to encourage practitioners from other modalities to learn H.P. and include it in their practice.


I would like to ask members reading this to contact the guild and give us your insight into how you believe we could do this as I am sure there is a wealth of ideas and experience to be shared.   Perhaps you have seen something that worked quite well that we could use?.


We had two workshops. The first one held by Peta Joyce and Barbara Gibb was about peer swaps and the feedback process for APC.  Some of us who have not done the APC process found this workshop demystified this aspect and we came away with a new found confidence for this part of attaining an APC.  Peta and Barb were wonderfully supportive and allowed us to explore feedback with gentle guidance.  I realise that the whole process of doing an APC really does help a practitioner to tune into their delivery of H.P. and also how their client feels while receiving HP.


Barbara Gibb ran an energy workshop on the Sunday morning about, Energy First Aid.  This workshop had so much to offer to every practitioner there.  We learned how to ground ourselves, to release excess energy and how energy affects us.  It was insightful and great to bond with others about this subject.


Of course between the workshops there was the AGM which was beautifully chaired my Michelle Richecoeur.  It was wonderful to have past and present members of the Core Group there, adding to the many perspectives and knowledge. The minutes for this meeting are available on the website.


The AGM ended with the distraction of the setting sun creating a photographic moment caught by many through the picture windows at the wheelhouse.


So along with meetings, workshops and of course the food it was also a time to catch up with fellow practitioners.  I am looking forward to the retreat at St Arnaud were we can all meet up again.

Retreat Invite


Time is (seemingly) a strange phenomena. The HP winter re-treat may be lingering on for

some people who were there ( “ it is the high-lite of my year”) or it may well be forgotten.

However half a year onwards the

Winter re-treat at St Arnaud , Nelson lakes District 27th – 31st August 2015

is a looming reality

so book early through grabaseat

if you are coming from afar

or write it in your diary of the need to take a retreat

with like minded people/pulsers

who enjoy good food, good walks in a close to alpine environment

stunning views

minimal noise pollution

add the sweet chorus of bellbirds

excellent conversation

this is a recipe for ‘dining’ with Soul

John M

St Arnaud Re-treat Reminder


A reminder of the upcoming Winter Holistic Pulsing re-treat at St Arnaud August 27th-31st 2015 through these comments from the 2014 re-treat
“a personal vignette……… ripples delighting my eyes – beech forest, lake reflections, sunset on snow, wonderful pulsing, gorgeous food – all good nourishment for the soul and body. … have put date in diary for next year” and “ 5 Blissful days at the lake this year. Quiet times to soak up and replenish ‘
“Our home away from home, Beggside Manor, housed us again for our Lake Rotoiti retreat. Four days of wonderful walks amongst beech forest, stunning lake reflections, distant views of snow-capped mountains, glorious tui and bellbird song, singing by the warm log fire, delicious healthy food, and, last but by no means least, superb pulsing! All good nourishment for body and soul, this community event grows year by year, and is a wonderful way to come into reflective and nourishing time with fellow pulsers. I love the weaving of inner and outer environments, the balance of physical exercise and rest, and most of all, the opportunity for pulsing, exchanging ideas and styles, and coming together in the spirit of shared ‘being-with-ness’. Thank you all for a very healing experience’.

grabaseat to Nelson Now………….inform and book with Myffie James…….. gwynfaniwa@gmail.com or info@holisticpulsing.org.nz

Are you ready to Evolve?

Image Source: Toonpool

Image Source: Toonpool

Chai and Bex the organizers of the Evolve Festival here in Nelson asked this question. My immediate response was, “Yes Please! Do I need to pack my bags?” Then on further reflection I began to wonder if I was going to evolve; What would I evolve into? How would I get there?  Where is ‘there’ anyway?   Actually I have transformed so much in the past year that I hardly recognize my own reflection. Like the caterpillars in my garden when they split open from their chrysalis, the change has been dramatic. To be fair metamorphosis is not the gentle change that evolving invokes. According to Google some of the meanings given for evolve are: to develop gradually; progress; advance; move forward; make headway; grow; open out; unfold; unroll; expand; enlarge; let go; free up…   I began to wonder what kind of choices do we really have in the multitude of changes unfolding around us. I am reminded of the Serenity Prayer, “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.”   It is a dance really- this evolving. Sometimes there are known steps, ancient rhythms that draw us forward, opening us up for more creative moves. Other times there is the freedom to step out to our own beat. Mostly though, the dance is in response to others or the conditions we are faced with.   The Buddha said, “Notice your thoughts, they become your words. Notice your words they become your actions. Notice your actions they become your habits. Notice your habits they become your character. Notice your character for it becomes your destiny.”   Perhaps we do have some choices. Are you ready to Evolve?

Holistic Pulsing at The Evolve Festival Nelson

IMG_2225[1] IMG_2219[1] IMG_2206[1] Holistic Pulsing at The Evolve Festival Nelson 24-25th January The Evolve Festival has been a regular event in the top of the South’s Calendar, bringing together a whole programme full of workshops, music, therapy sessions, arts and products, all focused on health and wellbeing. The Holistic Pulsing group has been attending for quite a few years now. Last year we were unable to go ahead due to not enough pulsers being able to manage the stall…. not this year ……..January 24th and 25th 2015 we were there!! They even gave us our usual stall place, ideal…..   Friday afternoon was hot, with a sea breeze, this is  how we started with the Evolve Festival in Nelson and that  is just how the rest of the weekend went weather wise. Bringing in the crowds all looking for that special “something”.  A team of Pulsers were there on hand to share the pulse and we rippled throughout the weekend, having a lovely flow of people coming along to experience the magic. Some have been hanging out for two years while others came back for a couple of sessions in the weekend, finding it so relaxing and uplifting. We also had some newbys to the pulse and they quickly spread the word, so we were busy on the Sunday. Wonderful to see that Holistic Pulsing was regarded so beneficial in the sea of therapy and sessions available at the Evolve Festival.  I even think John has a few names of those who would like to do the training….. I’d say that is success either way we’ll be back next year.   Here are some recollections from our resident Pulsers:   My pulsing highlights were a little 3 year old girl, who experienced her first pulse and stayed on the table with me for the whole time her mother was getting her pulsing, smiling almost nonstop. Reminded me so of my 10 grandchildren!   And another one: a mother, who has 3 children under 15months old, finally took some time for herself.   It feels such an honour to pulse these people, who don’t know you yet, who trust and relax and receive…. Yana     I really liked over two days, the slightly ‘pressure cooker’ effect, of pulsing, various bodies and minds meeting with, experiencing needs and requests, responding each time differently; for me the best experience for learning and exploring encompassing stillness amidst music, food, friends, the Nelson pulsing family, an almost perfect recipe for contentment in giving and receiving. John

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