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Updated April 2018

This website is administered by The New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc.
The site aims to support and network members and facilitate the wider Mind-Body arena. With integrity we aim to uphold the ethics, standards and policy of the New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc.

Relaxation / Full Membership

Members who feel they can fulfil the competencies in the Relaxation Scope of Practice they can progress through an Accreditation process into a full relaxation member. This level is also for members who currently hold a HP Guild Diploma. To maintain this level an Annual Practicing Certificate (APC) is submitted each year. This level reflects the physical competencies of giving a HP session but do not necessarily have the training or skills work at the MindBody interface. Practitioner skills, supervision and self/peer assessment are all encouraged at this level. The Guild can supply mentors to support members through this process.

The benefits of this membership level include the quarterly newsletter “Ripples”, networking and information, access to the library, support for complaints  (members with a current APC), mentoring, access to workshops, an option to join the Guild insurance scheme and an opportunity to advertise on the Guild website.

Accreditation Process

Receiving an Accreditation Certificate requires:

  • Evidence of relevant training in HP and/or statement of experience.
  • Fulfillment of competencies and recognition of scope of practice for relaxation work.
  • Demonstration of ability – giving a proficient HP session to a member of the Accreditation Board (or demonstrate a session observed by a member of the Accreditation Board.
  • Answer some questions eg how would I adapt this for pregnancy? Or what are some of the contra-indications for HP?
  • Self evaluation (where am I in my personal and professional journey? What are my goals?  Where are my strengths ?  What are my learning edges statement).
  • A proposed schedule of Professional supervision.
  • Current First aid certificate.

Annual Practicing Certificate (APC)

  • Current First Aid Certificate
  • Supervision review from a professional supervisor.
  • Peer review/assessment of a practical session in HP (Where am I in my personal and professional journey? What are my goals?  Where are my strengths ?  What are my learning edges statement).

Competencies and Scope of Practice

A Holistic Pulsing Guild Accredited Relaxation Full Member will be able to demonstrate competency in the following areas:

  • Demonstrate ability to work within the principles and essentials of Holistic Pulsing.
  • Gather relevant client history and information, including; client focus, intention, preferences and expectations, and relevant medical conditions.
  • Contracting with the client a care plan including:
  1. a range of interventions
  2. client self-management and after-care
  3. information about Holistic Pulsing
  4. explanation of possible side-effects
  5. be able to demonstrate knowledge of any contra-indications for HP.
  • Offer a range of Holistic Pulsing options for relaxation in the context of client self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-responsibility.
  • Delivery of rocking movement and stretching techniques according to Holistic Pulsing Scope of practices and principles, including safe touch and gentle movement appropriate to the clients’ needs.
  • Facilitating the client/practitioner relationship with respect, attention, acceptance and confidentiality. Providing a physically, emotionally and culturally safe environment.
  • Facilitating a Holistic Pulsing session within the agreed client/practitioner contract and time frame.
  • Offering relaxing interventions that encompass a holistic perspective , including considerations of a mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and contextual/environmental nature,.
  • Attention to the clients’ experience including observation of verbal and non-verbal cues, range of movement, comfort and encouraging of facilitating client self-report.
  • Ability to apply Holistic Pulsing in a range of situations such as pregnancy, the elderly, people with disability and special needs groups.
  • Referring a client to the appropriate health professionals where the needs of the client fall outside the Holistic Pulsing Guild Scope of Practice, or the practitioners’ range of competency, or where Holistic Pulsing is contra-indicated.
  • Professional presentation and behaviour according to the Holistic Pulsing Guild Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the NZ Law with relation to CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine) practice eg. Health and Disability Commission.
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