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Updated April 2018

This website is administered by The New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc.
The site aims to support and network members and facilitate the wider Mind-Body arena. With integrity we aim to uphold the ethics, standards and policy of the New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc.

Standards of Practice

The Holistic Pulsing Guild of New Zealand (Inc)




The Holistic Pulsing practitioner or teacher agrees to:

  • enter into a clear contract of service with the client or student, where payment, timing and intention of service is agreed to
  • keep accurate client information including a health check before treatment so if any question of malpractice should arise, there are clear records.
  • maintain client confidentiality at all times unless legal duty of disclosure applies.
  • store and dispose of all client information securely, including paper and digital documents
  • abide by the terms of any legal requirements and client code of rights including the Health and Disability Commissioner Act (1994) (www.hdc.org.nz), the Health Practitioners Competency Assurance Act (2004) the Privacy Act (1993) (moh.org.nz ) and Occupational Safety and Health ( www.dol.govt.nz ) as well as any local by-laws.
  • provide an environment that is safe, with a high standard of hygiene, that meets the needs of the provider, the client and meets OSH regulations and the Health and Safety Work Act 2015
  • display the Code of Ethics of the NZ Holistic Pulsing Guild, the Code of Rights of the Health and Disability Commission and the Annual Practicing Certificate.
  • behave in a professional manner and uphold the integrity of Holistic Pulsing and the Holistic Pulsing Guild (NZ) Inc.
  • in the event of a complaint, or unethical practice, refer the client to the  complaints procedure of the Holistic Pulsing Guild, or the student to the complaints procedure of the educational institution concerned.
  • clear any news release that mentions the Holistic Pulsing Guild NZ with the Guild before publication.
  • refrain from using their connection to the Holistic Pulsing Guild for the promotion or enhancement of  any product or remedy or commercial enterprise (other than as a practitioner of Holistic Pulsing).


For more information about your rights and responsibilities refer to:

www.legislation.govt.nz: Privacy Act 1993.

www.business.govt.nz/worksafe: Health and Safety Work Act 2015

www.hdc.org.nz: Health and Disability Commissioner

Subject to ratification at the 2017 AGM

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