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Updated April 2018

This website is administered by The New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc.
The site aims to support and network members and facilitate the wider Mind-Body arena. With integrity we aim to uphold the ethics, standards and policy of the New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc.

Teacher Support

The Holistic Pulsing Guild of New Zealand (Inc)

Teacher Support – a suggested pathway.

The NZ Holistic Pulsing Guild  supports and encourages teachers to be  aligned and engaged in an enquiry with the following standards of practice and competencies for professional development:

  • Be a Full Integrative Member of the Holistic Pulsing Guild of New Zealand, Inc. and maintain a professional presentation and behaviour according to the NZ Holistic Pulsing Guild Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.
  • Alignment and commitment to the Holistic Pulsing ethos’ 3 ESSENTIALS: Awareness, Acceptance and Re-empowerment, or words to that effect.
  • Alignment to and knowledge of industry accepted practices and principles, statutes and Laws, ie.The Health and Disability Act, The New Zealand Charter of Natural Health Practitioners, The Medical Practitioners Competency Assurance Bill, and the Privacy Commission.
  • Hold an Annual Practising Certificate from the NZ Holistic Pulsing Guild, Inc. This accreditation process to encourage ongoing self-reflection, professional development and peer assistance at HP trainings and feedback.
  • Be a current HP Practitioner, offering a range of treatment options from relaxing to therapeutic in the context of client self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-responsibility
  • Hold an Adult Education Training Certificate or demonstrate relevant teaching experience.
  • Facilitate from a holistic, student-centred and inclusive perspective, so as to include and model considerations of a mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual and contextual/environmental nature.
  • Facilitating and communicating the peer/student’s awareness of their own:
    – learning edges
    – self responsibility and ongoing state of wellbeing
    – personal inner process, awareness, range of choices and integration
    – BodyMind connections and insights.
  • A teacher has a commitment to ongoing self-care, growing emotional competency, Mind-body study and enquiry, professional supervision, annual forums and peer networking with other teachers, assisting other teachers to gain insight into different teaching styles.

The Guild has a commitment to provide on going professional development for teachers and actively encourage networking between teachers.

Background: At the 2007 Annual General Meeting, the Guild agreed: ‘That the Guild replace the present Teacher Accreditation Process with guidelines for competency, a teacher scope of practice, support and information pathways to gain these.  This might include annual forums for professional development, peer networking, relevant trainings, and encourage self-responsibility to achieve this.  That the Guild actively encourage communication with private training establishments and other organizations to create opportunities and pathways for mutual growth and expansion of Holistic Pulsing. We honour the teacher accreditation procedure and process of the past, using the collective experience of the members, and how valuable that was to the Guild’s history and ongoing development and ethos of the modality.

ratified AGM 2009

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