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Updated April 2018

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What to Expect from your Session

Pulsing from the pelvis

Pulsing from the pelvis

You can expect an initial discussion with your practitioner to establish an intention for your session (or series of sessions) or to help you focus awareness on whatever aspects you wish to explore or address.  You will then lie fully clothed on a massage table (or be seated, if appropriate). Rhythmic rocking movement is applied to generate a wave-like motion through your body. People generally find that this feels comfortable, supportive and deeply relaxing. Gentle stretching, lengthening and opening techniques are also used.

The response to Holistic Pulsing varies with the individual. The sense of peace, support and love is often a catalyst for powerful self rediscovery and healing. Many people express surprise at the depth and impact of a Holistic Pulsing session – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You can read genuine reactions from people in the Testimonials section.

While the body is being rocked, gentle stretching and lengthening techniques are applied, offering an invitation to open and expand, and bringing awareness to our tendency to tense and contract. The continual rhythm can be conducive to a deeply meditative state, rapidly relaxing and calming the whole nervous system.

As the body’s inner flow is amplified by constant movement, so too are the energy blocks. Areas where the flow of movement stops or changes may indicate tension or blockages due to injury, trauma, or habitual holding patterns. Depending on your intention agreed at the start of the session, these may be explored and released through inner awareness, spontaneous movement, breath, and sound. The resulting insight and awareness is a catalyst for true healing.

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