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Origins and Evolution of HP

Tovi Browning

Tovi Browning

Holistic Pulsing was developed in New Zealand by Israeli born Tovi Browning in the 1980’s. Tovi as a graduate Osteopath and Naturopath of the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy, trained in ‘Pulsing’ with Silke Ziehl in the UK in the late 1970’s. (Pulsing is still taught in London at The Open Centre www.opencentre.com). She established a clinic in Auckland where she combined Pulsing with her other skills.

Tovi was profoundly affected by the lush, green environment of New Zealand and realised Pulsing affected the fluid elements of our body, as well as the bone, muscle and connective tissues. As a cranial osteopath she recognised the influence of Pulsing on the rhythms and pulses of the body, particularly through the cerebrospinal fluid. With her training as a Gestalt therapist, she integrated dialogue and psychotherapeutic ideas with the physical techniques to develop what is now known as Holistic Pulsing. She spoke of the flow of energy and parallel process between client and practitioner, which arises from the deeply expanded awareness gained by being totally aware and present during a session.

During this time she trained other practitioners in New Zealand and wrote ‘Gentle Miracles’, a self help book and text on the philosophy and technique of Holistic Pulsing. Tovi is now living in her native Israel and teaching  across Europe.  She is actively involved in peace-making initiatives, utilising Holistic Pulsing. Tovi has recently published an updated Holistic Pulsing text, “The Power of Softness”. For more information, email: info@holisticpulsing.org.nz

As a modality, Holistic Pulsing’s early influences included aspects of Reichian-style bodywork, the bioenergetic techniques from Alexander Lowen and the principles of lengthening and expanding from Mathias Alexander. Milton Trager’s  Psychophysical IntegrationR, Gestalt therapy, cranial osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy and naturopathy have also contributed to the emergence of Holistic Pulsing. New Zealand and the Pacific’s lush, green watery environment instills a vital energetic element, to these physical and psychotherapeutic techniques. Holistic Pulsing affects the rhythms, pulses and 80% watery flow within our psyche and bodies in a positive, gentle and powerful way.


In 1990 Tovi led a Diploma level (practitioner) training in New Zealand, and then went to live in Australia where she continued to train practitioners and several teachers. After spending some time in the UK and Italy, Tovi returned to her native Israel, and Holistic Pulsing continued to evolve in New Zealand.

In 1992, a committed affiliation of graduate teachers from Tovi’s Diploma course formed the NZ Holistic Pulsing Guild as an Incorporated Society. It’s vision was to acknowledge levels of training, become accountable as professionals and form a support and mentoring network.  The Guild ethics, standards of practice and working process were consistently moulded by the essentials and principles of the modality, contributing to a collaborative, transparent and inclusive group style. The Guild became a founding member of the New Zealand Charter of Health Practitioners in 1994.

The Guild trained relaxation holistic pulsers, professional therapists and a small number of teachers within a client-centred, holistic approach, throughout the 90’s and into 2000. As complementary health care became more professional, the Guild consulted and advised new training organisations. A unit standard in Holistic Pulsing was developed for the NZQA framework, to be delivered by Guild trained teachers at Wellpark College (Auckland) and New Zealand College of Massage (Auckland and Wellington) and other training organisations. In particular, the Guild’s guiding ethos was training focused on teacher trainee apprenticeship, peer mentorship and growing therapeutic practitioner skills.

The NZ Holistic Pulsing Guild supports membership of the New Zealand Health Charter and is a friend of the Mind-Body Network of New Zealand. Guild members have contributed at the bi-annual NZ Mind-Body Conference since its inception.

Important influences in the formation of the Guild and Holistic Pulsing training, included the mind-body integration of Hakomi, developed by Ron Kurtz and co-founder Pat Ogden in the 1970s. Hakomi therapy is a form of body-centered, somatic psychotherapy. The Hakomi method combines Western psychology, systems theory, and body-centered techniques with the mindfulness and non-violence principles of Eastern philosophy. Holistic Pulsing and Hakomi share the same guiding essentials, grounded in seven principles: mindfulness, acceptance, non violence/forcelessness, organicity, wholeness/unity, self responsibility.

Pat Ogden and Kikuni Minton’s work in somatic psychotherapy and the treatment of trauma, have been early training influences for Holistic Pulsing teachers and trainees.

New influences arrived with teachers areas of expertise, personal lives and Holistic Pulsing professional practice; integrating trauma specialties, pregnancy and children, prison mind-body counseling,  Holistic Pulsing with disabled people, the elderly and assisting terminal illness. As Holistic Pulsing developed and deepened a facilitative dialogue approach, trainees were encouraged to explore skills in co-counselling, psychodrama, peer supervision as requisite practitioner foundations. Training in peer support was assisted by the peer collaborative work of John Heron, “Helping the Client”. Training in other modalities were also encouraged, to support and expand practitioner professionalism.

In 2005, following a review of strategic direction in light of changes to both the NZ natural health industry and education sectors, The Guild phased out the provision of training, completed with the last diploma training, in February 2008. The Guild re-focused and now operates as a standard-setting and professional association only.

The Guild continues a close liaison with Private Training Establishments and endorses the high standards of professionalism for its members and all Mind-Body workers.

Teachers and students bring enthusiasm for new ideas and supporting the ongoing professionalising of complimentary health care into the new millennium. The Guild supports its membership and students with developing  a professional practice, professional development workshops, professional supervision, peer supervision networks and mentoring.

Holistic Pulsing continues to develop and embrace new theory, eg. theories of muscle excitation from groundbreaking fascia research, energy and mind-body work of the Touch Institute. It strives to keep it’s essential essence and purity, in client centered practice.

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