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Holistic Pulsing at The Evolve Festival Nelson

IMG_2225[1] IMG_2219[1] IMG_2206[1] Holistic Pulsing at The Evolve Festival Nelson 24-25th January The Evolve Festival has been a regular event in the top of the South’s Calendar, bringing together a whole programme full of workshops, music, therapy sessions, arts and products, all focused on health and wellbeing. The Holistic Pulsing group has been attending for quite a few years now. Last year we were unable to go ahead due to not enough pulsers being able to manage the stall…. not this year ……..January 24th and 25th 2015 we were there!! They even gave us our usual stall place, ideal…..   Friday afternoon was hot, with a sea breeze, this is  how we started with the Evolve Festival in Nelson and that  is just how the rest of the weekend went weather wise. Bringing in the crowds all looking for that special “something”.  A team of Pulsers were there on hand to share the pulse and we rippled throughout the weekend, having a lovely flow of people coming along to experience the magic. Some have been hanging out for two years while others came back for a couple of sessions in the weekend, finding it so relaxing and uplifting. We also had some newbys to the pulse and they quickly spread the word, so we were busy on the Sunday. Wonderful to see that Holistic Pulsing was regarded so beneficial in the sea of therapy and sessions available at the Evolve Festival.  I even think John has a few names of those who would like to do the training….. I’d say that is success either way we’ll be back next year.   Here are some recollections from our resident Pulsers:   My pulsing highlights were a little 3 year old girl, who experienced her first pulse and stayed on the table with me for the whole time her mother was getting her pulsing, smiling almost nonstop. Reminded me so of my 10 grandchildren!   And another one: a mother, who has 3 children under 15months old, finally took some time for herself.   It feels such an honour to pulse these people, who don’t know you yet, who trust and relax and receive…. Yana     I really liked over two days, the slightly ‘pressure cooker’ effect, of pulsing, various bodies and minds meeting with, experiencing needs and requests, responding each time differently; for me the best experience for learning and exploring encompassing stillness amidst music, food, friends, the Nelson pulsing family, an almost perfect recipe for contentment in giving and receiving. John

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